We want your vehicle on the road as long as possible – which is why we advocate for routine vehicle care and maintenance, including our Power Steering Flush service. ($89.99)

Nowadays, many cars and almost all trucks and utility vehicles feature power steering. Power steering (also known as power assisted steering) makes parking and low-speed driving simpler, while also allowing drivers who aren’t very strong handle significantly heavier vehicles. Often times, many drivers tend to take power steering for granted – forgetting that like any other working part of your vehicle, it too, requires maintenance.

Your vehicle’s power steering system uses a relatively low amount of fluid to perform a large amount of work. Like any other fluid in your vehicle, it deteriorates over time and must be flushed and replaced. It is recommended that you regularly check your vehicle’s power steering fluid reservoir to ensure that it is filled to the proper level and to make sure the reservoir is not leaking.

At My Auto Service Center, we recommend our Power Steering Flush maintenance service as a preventative maintenance service at either 30,000 miles or every two years. Taking advantage of this preventative power steering flush service cleans out the sludge and contaminants from your power steering system and replaces the old fluid with new, clean fluid. This flush helps ensure proper protection and lubrication of the power steering system.

My Auto Center recommends consulting with one of our technicians if you notice any of the following issues that could be from your power steering:

  • Whining or groaning noises when turning your vehicle’s wheel
  • Leaking of any fluid
  • Difficulty steering and/or handling your vehicle
  • Color change in the power steering fluid from amber yellow, pink, or red or brown to black

Maintaining your vehicle’s power steering fluid and flushing it with regular preventative maintenance will keep your car’s power steering system performing optimally for smooth and easy driving for the lifetime of your vehicle.

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