We understand that your vehicle is an investment and share your goal of keeping it on the road as long as possible — which is why we offer the best oil change and lube service with complimentary 24 point safety inspection. At our Highlands Ranch and Centennial locations, we use only the highest-quality products for your vehicle. Count on our staff of trained professionals to provide your vehicle with top-notch preventive maintenance, guaranteed.

Routine oil changes are a crucial part of your car’s care. Whether you’re driving a vehicle with high mileage, or taking your car or truck in for a recommend three-month or a 3,000-mile oil change, it is important that your oil is checked, changed, inspected, and flushed.

At My Auto Service, we’re happy to help you select the perfect motor oil for your vehicle’s needs. We offer the following motor oils for your next oil change:

High Mileage Oil: Offered for vehicles with over 75,000 miles, high mileage oil is specially formulated to care for engines that have been through it – whether as your daily commuter as your road trip vessel. High-mileage oils’ formulation reduces oil burn off and helps reduce the gradual loss of compression.

Synthetic Blend Oil: Meeting in the middle is a good thing, right? We think so — which is why we offer a synthetic oil blend. Our synthetic oil blend is a blend of both synthetic and conventional oils, for the best of both worlds. This blend offers you stronger protection and performance compared to conventional oil, with a price point lower than full synthetic.

Full Synthetic Oil: Wanting the highest level of protection and performance for your vehicle? Our full synthetic oil change offers just that. Full synthetic oil is becoming the new norm (and often required form of maintenance) for more and more vehicles – and for good reason – it’s the best practice of vehicle care.

Curious about what makes synthetic oil different from conventional oil? Synthetic oil is not only refined – but distilled, removing all impurities from the crude oil. This process optimizes individual oil molecules for higher levels of protection and performance compared to traditional conventional oil. Once the crude oil has been refined and distilled a blend of additives is introduced, making the synthetic oil a powerful formulation to keep your engine running like new.

Along with the finest oils, the best quality oil filter is imperative for the life of your oil.

In addition to our variety of express oil change and lube services, we also offer the MOA Engine Oil Supplement. MOA Engine Oil Supplement is a protective engine oil additive that fortifies all qualities of motor oil, ensuring long-lasting protection, while maintaining peak engine performance. At $14.99 per can, it is a very nice way to increase your oil’s performance.

We proudly offer BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration as an add-on to your oil-change service. The BG EPR formula is a powerhouse of an engine cleaner – designed to soften, emulsify, and dissolve even the most stubborn fuel gums that clog rings.

Engines are operating at the highest temperatures ever. This, combined with prolonged drain intervals and reduced engine cooling, put automotive engine oil under an immense amount of stress. The continual breakdown also contributes to your engine’s oil thickening, heat retention, and deposit forming. The heavy deposit formed can slow normal piston-ring function, which causes your vehicle’s fuel economy to be reduced and can lead to harmful exhaust emissions and output.

Call our automotive repair shop and schedule your oil change.