Keep your vehicle’s engine from overheating with an inspection and a BG Coolant Flush and Fill at My Auto Service Center.

Don’t be stranded on the side of the road with your car’s hood up and steam pouring from your vehicle! Whether you’re worried about struggling with your vehicle overheating in the hot Summer months or not wanting to deal with a car that won’t start in the dead of Winter, our BG coolant system service is the perfect solution.

Why is a BG Coolant Flush A Necessary Part of Your Car’s Maintenance Routine?

When you drive your car, your engine endures friction and that friction generates heat. Vehicle engines run most effectively when properly warmed up and when the temperature is maintained by parts in use to cool the engine – such as the radiator, cooling fans, water pump, thermostat, coolant, and more. In order to maintain the heat, your vehicle’s water pump sends coolant into the engine to absorb the heat. The heat then runs past a built-in thermostat, which maintains the coolant temperature. The coolant is then sent back through the engine to repeat the cycle. Performing a BG Coolant Flush is an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance as it prevents overheating, prevents cooling system damage and extends the life of your vehicle’s cooling system.

What is a BG Coolant Flush?

A BG Coolant Flush is a flush designed to remove built-up rust and scale in your vehicle’s cooling system. When your engine collects buildup and deposits, it loses its ability to effectively cool itself, due to the engine build-up restricting the flow of your coolant. A BG Coolant Flush will remove the built-up materials and harsh mineral deposits, while also removing all tough residues caused by oil fouling and cooling inhibitor breakdown.

Need some more reasons to take advantage of our cooling system service? Below are signs or symptoms that your vehicle is in need of a coolant flush:

  • Your vehicle’s temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
  • You notice antifreeze and/or coolant pooling beneath your vehicle
  • You hear grinding noises coming from the engine area of your car
  • Steam and or a hot maple syrup like smell comes from under the hood of your vehicle
  • You notice visible rust and/or scaling in your car’s antifreeze/coolant
  • Our BG Coolant Flush is offered at both the Centennial and Highlands Ranch locations for $99.95. Schedule your appointment today!