Nothing’s worse than being stuck in the sweltering heat waiting for your car to cool down – only to find out your air conditioner isn’t working as it should. At My Auto Center, we don’t want you to have to sweat through the summer months with no AC, nor do we think you should neglect a vital part of your vehicle – which is why we offer a variety of Air Conditioning Services. At both our Centennial and Highlands Ranch locations, our staff of trained and certified professionals will assess all interior climate control issues your vehicle maybe be having and recommend either a routine maintenance AC flush or any of our other AC services dependent upon your vehicle’s needs.

Not sure if you should bring your vehicle in for Air Conditioner Service? Here are some signs your car’s AC needs attention:

  • No cool air comes through your interior vents – The most obvious symptom that your AC needs attention is a noticeable loss in the overall cooling ability of your vehicle’s air conditioning. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system operates by circulating pressurized refrigerant if the amount of pressurized refrigerant drops too low it’s likely that this will affect the operation of your entire AC system.
  • Moisture around your vehicle’s compressor – A serious sign of any air conditioner issues is refrigerant leakage. If you spot any leakage on your vehicle’s air conditioner’s components, fittings, or underneath your car, it’s likely that an AC leak has developed and refrigerant is being lost from your vehicle. This loss of refrigerant will eventually cause your Air Conditioner to no longer function until the issue is addressed.
  • Strange/unpleasant odor coming into the passenger cabin when your air- A signifier of several problems, smelly air from your vehicle’s air conditioner can be caused be several things – most commonly, however, mold and bacteria and dirty air filters*. Mold and bacteria can grow behind the dash panel of your air conditioner’s dash panel on the evaporator, which leads to the unpleasant smell. To fix this issue, you must locate the drain tube in your AC unit or use an antibacterial treatment.

*A common issue that is also overlooked frequently when maintaining one’s AC is the health of the air filter. If air filters aren’t cleaned or replaced properly and frequently, they can lead to unpleasant cabin odors from collecting stagnant dirty, water, pollutants, and more.

Our Air Conditioner Services are offered at both the Centennial and Highlands Ranch locations. Please call ahead for a quote and schedule your appointment with our reputable auto mechanic today!